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          郭福 ?

          Fu Guo


          Laboratory of Electronic Packaging Research
          College of Materials Science and Engineering


          Tel/Fax: 86-10-67396193
          E-mail: guofu@bjut.edu.cn
          Webpage: http://www.guofuedu.org



          B.S., Beijing University of Technology (BJUT), 1994
          M.S., Beijing University of Technology (BJUT), 1997
          Ph.D., Michigan State University (MSU), 2001


          Research Biography

          Advanced interconnection materials in electronic packaging; alloying and composite approach in lead-free solder development; reliability characterization of solder joint; thermoelectric materials, etc.


          Selected Publications


          1. Ruihong Zhang, Guangchen Xu, Xitao Wang, Fu Guo, Andre Lee, and K.N. Subramanian, “Electromigration in Sn-Bi Modified with Polyhedral Oligomeric Silsesquioxane”, Journal of Electronic Materials, 39(12), 2513(2010).
          2. Fu Guo, Guangchen Xu, Hongwen He, Mengke Zhao, Jia Sun, and C. Henry Wang, "Effect of Electromigration and Isothermal Aging on the Formation of Metal Whiskers and Hillocks in Eutectic SnBi Solder Joints and Reaction Films", Journal of Electronic Materials, 38(12), 2647(2009).
          3. Ruihong Zhang, Ran Zhao, Fu Guo, Xia, and Zhidong Xia, “Interfacial reaction between the electroless nickel immersion gold substrate and Sn-based solders”, Microelectronics Reliability, 49(3), 303(2009).
          4. Fu Guo, Guangchen Xu, and Hongwen He, "Electromigration behaviors in Sb particle-reinforced composite eutectic SnAgCu solder joints", Journal of Materials Science, 44(20), 5595(2009).
          5. Fu Guo, Guangchen Xu, Jia Sun, Zhidong Xia, Yongping Lei, Yaowu Shi, and Xiaoyan Li, "Resistance changes in eutectic SnBi solder joints during electromigration," Journal of Electronic Materials, 38(12), 2756(2009).
          6. Fu Guo, Mengke Zhao, Zhidong Xia, Yongping Lei, Xiaoyan Li, and Yaowu Shi, “Lead-free solders with rare earth additions”, JOM, 61(6), 39(2009).
          7. Fu Guo, “Composite lead-free electronic solders”, J Mater Sci: Mater Electron, volume 18, Numbers 1-3, ISSN 0957-4522 March 2007, pp.129
          8. F. Guo, J.G. Lee, and K.N. Subramanian, “Electrical conductivity changes in bulk Sn, and eutectic Sn-Ag in bulk and in joints, from aging and thermal shock”, Journal of Materials Research, 20 (2), 364 (2005).
          9. K.F. Hsu, S. Loo, F. Guo, W. Chen, J. S. Dyck, C. Uher, T. Hogan, E. K. Polychroniadis, M.G. Kanatzidis, “Cubic AgPbmSbTe2+m: Bulk Thermoelectric Materials with High Figure of Merit”, Science, 303, 818 (2004).
          10. J.R. Salvador, D. Bilc, S.D. Mahanti, T. Hogan, F. Guo, and M.G. Kanatzidis, “Yb8Ge3Sb5, a metallic mixed-valent Zintl phase containing the polymeric 1(infinity)[Ge3(4-)] anions”, Journal of the American Chemical Society, 126 (14), 4474 (2004).
          11. C.H. Kim, S.S. Kim, F. Guo, T. P. Hogan, T.J. Pinnavaia, “Polymer Intercalation in Mesostructured Carbon”, Advanced Materials, 16 (8), 736 (2004).
          12. J.R. Salvador, F. Guo, T. Hogan, and M.G. Kanatzidis, “Zero Thermal Expansion in YbGaGe due to an Electronic Valence Transition”, Nature, 425, 704 (2003).

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                郭福 男,1994年本科畢業、1997年碩士畢業于北京工業大學金屬材料科學與工程學系(現材料科學與工程學院)。從1997年起赴美國留學,于200111月在美國密歇根州立大學(Michigan State University)獲得材料科學與工程專業的博士學位。200112月開始在美國密歇根州立大學電子與計算機工程系電子材料實驗室進行博士后研究工作。
                Fu Guo, professor of College of Materials Science and Engineering at Beijing University of Technology, got his Ph.D degree in Materials Science and Engineering from Michigan State University in 2001. He is currently the deputy dean of College of Materials Science and Engineering and the president of the Young Teachers Committee of Beijing University of Technology. His main research areas include the reliability study of electronic packaging materials and structures, materials joining, electronic composite materials, and thermoelectric materials for cooling and power generation applications. He has more than 80 publications in archival scientific journals, including Science, Nature, Advanced Materials, Journal of American Chemical Society, etc. He has published the first monograph on Lead-free Soldering Technology and Application in China, and the globally invited paper on Composite Electronic Solders in Journal of Materials Science: Materials in Electronics. He is currently the P.I. for several state and municipal level research projects. He has won Outstanding Academic Achievement award from Michigan State University in 2001, Best Commended Paper award from Soldering and Surface Mount Technology in 2002, New Century Excellent Talent from Ministry of Education in 2004, May 4th Youth Medal from Beijing Municipality in 2006, Fok Ying-tung Young Teachers award in 2006, etc. He now serves as the vice secretary of China Materials Society Youth Committee, chair of the Manufacturing Technology Committee of Beijing Electronic Society, and the secretary of Electronic Packaging and Interconnect Materials Committee of TMS. He is also the head professor for several undergraduate and graduate courses. The course Fundamentals of Materials Science won the Beijing Municipal Program of Web-Delivery for Elaborate Courses in 2008.



          北京工業大學研究生招生辦公室 地址:北京市朝陽區平樂園100號 郵政編碼:100124 聯系電話:010-67392533